Harvad May 2018 testimonial

The hot tub is a hit!

One of the main comments that guests leave in the visitors book or speak about personally is how much they enjoy spending time relaxing in the hot tub. … Read More


Are you looking to make some memories and spend time relaxing? #BookDirect

Family holidays or short breaks help to keep everyone sane, relaxed and happy. It is why they are so important – and where you stay and the thoughtful extras that are included which make such a difference… Watch the video … Read MoreRead More

HeathersHens Mar17.3

Saucy Hens have a relaxing weekend with their “besties”

Some Hen Parties want a full on party time for the whole weekend, others want time to spend with their besties and close family. They want to relax, engage in good conversation and share time and experiences together. Heather’s Hens … Read MoreRead More


Valentine’s Day

Who wants to treat both themselves and their loved one? Don’t be shy – you know that you want to! This is what sharing love and experiences is all about afterall. Chichester Self Catering has a number of gorgeous options … Read MoreRead More


Do you know about the health benefits of our sauna?

Did you know that here at Living Elements we have a fabulous health tool very common in health clubs and spas- the sauna! Because they’re just about everywhere, I think we lose sight of the importance of saunas on our … Read More

What is your dream Summer holiday or Hen Party involve-

Hen Party venue location considerations and travel

By their very nature Hen Parties involve having people travel to a central point to get together. Hen Parties favour staycations – it is easier on everyone’s finances and leaves more money for the food and drink or activities. Wherever … Read MoreRead More


It is OK to have a very chilled and low-key Hen Party?

Not everyone wants a busy, crazy drunken Hen Party! And you know – that is OK! So if you want to have a really relaxing Hen Party – YOU CAN! … Read More


Hen Party Ideas and Themes

Are you planning a Hen Party Weekend? Are you a bit daunted? or just excited to get the most out of it?! How many ladies are coming to stay? Will you need both properties? How much is your budget for – accommodation, … Read More


The hot tub and sauna at Living Elements

In January 2011 we installed a new luxury spa suite for up to 8-10 guests. An outside hot tub spa / jacuzzi and a small sauna and walkin shower with some disabled access. Its a well-loved area for all our guests, young and … Read More

Champagne and canapes on arrival? Just one of the extras we offer our guests.

Chichester Self Catering- Extra Services

We really want to make you feel at home during your stay – so we provide extra services – that we hope will be of value you to you… We also recognise that everyone has different reasons to have a … Read MoreRead More