What my guests say...

Every few years we are the base for a collection of gorgeous classic English cars and their French owners for the Goodwood Revival! (They drive them over to the UK) This year, 2017, we hosted 5 lovely cars (4 of which are pre-1966) and catered for our 10 guests. I thought I would share some of the photos here. This year we added a couple of Italian cars and a Yankee to the line up!

The French Arrive!!

In case you need to know…

  • Bentley Blower Supercharged V8.
  • Bugatti – the little blue car (and the most expensive!)
  • Black Corvette
  • Red Fiat
  • Blue Porsche

Goodwood Revival 17.foodncars

Fun was had by all, including plenty of eating and drinking at local and less local venues!!

Vintage and Classic Fashion at the Goodwood Revival 2017

Fashion is as much a part of The Goodwood Revival as the cars….

This is what my lovely French guests had to say about staying here:

What my guests say...

The lovely French guests are always a delight to have to stay. They are polite, great fun easy to look after and a pleasure to be around. This year there were an extra six – which just added to the jollyment. The wonderful cars are an added bonus too!

If YOU want to have accommodation for your group for one of the festivals, incl the autumn (Sept) Revival Meeting – call me soon please to discuss your specific requirements. Call Gayle on 07769 746113 for the best options for your group.

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