The South coast and the area just to the East of the Isle of Wight has some of the highest daylight levels in the UK – thanks to a few factors. It makes it an extra-special place to visit though!

  1. Clearly we are closer to the equator than most of the country – that helps! It means we get more daylight hours.
  2. We also are protected from the weather by the Isle of Wight from much of the prevailing SW weather. How I hear you ask? As the SW winds come up the channel the Isle of Wight has the effect of splitting or diverting the wind – some goes to the North – and the storms and rain clouds rumble along the South seals-1053Down typically – especially  Portsdown Hill and Goodwood. The wind also gets diverted more to the South – by St Catherine’s Point on the IoW and then ontowards Selsey and Bognor Regis. This means that Chichester Harbour, the City and the Manhood Peninsula – on which Chichester Self catering is based is in the lee of the island – and often in a clear area of gorgeous blue sky!
  3. The close proximity to the sea also means that we get a lot of blue light reflected off the sea – which adds to the ambient light levels. You may notice that we have a particularly clear light here – not the typical greener light from inland! It does mean that you can get sunburnt more easily so beware – but it makes the whole area superb for agriculture in particular with rich, flat land to help grow the crops. You will notice lots of greenhouses about – it’s not an accident!

Betty Melody Firefly Why

So – having said all this – how can YOU make the most of your stay?

West Wittering Beach is the No1 favourite beach on the South Coast, but also try the other beaches – stony/flinty but much more room and less crowded! Ask Gayle for more local insider incofrmation for the best (and less busy) places to go to enjoy the magic of nature.


Have a walk in the South Downs or go round Chichester / Medmerry / Pagham Harbours and eat a delicious home-cooked lunch in a local pub.

Go on a water-tours trip of Chichester Harbour from Itchenor. All wheelchair accessible too.

Weald and Downland Museum, Singleton or West Dean Gardens – both good for dogs/ children too!

Chichesterwhenitssunny (2)

Of course if you are interested in cars – then come for the Festival of Speed or Revival events at Goodwood.

What are YOUR favourite places you have found or are interested in? Post your comment below!

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