What does your dream Hen Party weekend include-

If you are the Bride-to-Be just what does your Hen Party celebration look like? If you can answer this question whoever is organising the get together will love you forever!

Here are some brilliant ideas to get you “in the mood”.

What makes a great Hen weekend? Well, I have written about having a theme for your party weekend in other posts and articles – so have a look through the blog pages but here are some more options you may like to consider…

What does your dream Hen Party weekend include-

  1. To get you in the mood – do you have any particular music that is a “must-have”? It could be country and western (there is a specific Country and Western Club just down the road – largest in the Country!!); or grunge. Rock ‘n’ roll or a specific artist or band. This could also incorporate particular styles of clothes too.
  2. Do you love vintage or retro styles? How about sassy and burlesque? This could get expensive, which is an important consideration for your fellow partyers – so maybe pick something easy – and they can create / adapt / add to with ease.
  3. Or even just go with a particular colour combo – black and white for instance suits most ladies and just how often do some get a chance to get “their little black dress” out of the cupboard? Or what about a specific colour somewhere in the outfit? Red or pink or your favourite hue?
  4. What about a particular food experience? Perhaps you are vegan or vegetarian and need to work round that or want to indulge in something really special?


To change tack a little – what do you DREAM about as an ideal holiday location?

Is it memories of sea and sand and beaches as a child with your bucket or catching crabs or sailing – don’t forget – no-one completely grows up, ever! How about a beach party with “kids games” – so everyone can relax and have a laugh without the need to look “cool” all the time! loafandleaf

Is it time to chat and laugh with your friends in an unhurried way? Maybe sitting in the hot tub or over a lovely dinner with candles and dimmed lighting and a beautiful bottle or two of wine.

It could be having a pamper / relaxing weekend away from the pressures of work, wedding organising and chores! Make the most of the peace and quiet with some treatments to relax and refresh. sophies-hen-do

Would you like to do or learn a new activity with your besties? Maybe learning to temper and prepare chocolate or have a dancing lesson and a laugh. It could be clay pigeon shooting or windsurfing.

Do you want me to let you into a secret – here at Chichester Self Catering you can do ALL of this – and MORE!!!

So – tell me YOUR secret – what do YOU desire?!

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