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Gayle Palmer, your host, along with her dog, Echo – have an ongoing commitment to the local environment. We are part of the voluntary Sidlesham Litter Pickers – villagers who in their own time go and and keep the roads and other places clear of rubbish.

Could you help to do you bit too please?

You can find out about our regular hauls of litter on the Facebook page: where I detail what and where we have been and just how much has been collected! SidleshamLitter PickersLOGO

It can be quite shocking!

Gayle has succeeded in campaigning for a new litter bin opposite at the school – which has really helped the Mums and children being picked up to be responsible about tidying up after themselves.

So whilst you are enjoying our beautiful scenery, and especially at the beach, make an effort to take ALL your rubbish back home – every single scrap! Most (90%) can be recycled in the red wheelie bins as they “eat” cans, bottles, paper, glass, plastic wrapped sandwich boxes, tetra packs and more!!!

The more we can stop folks throwing rubbish out of the windows onto the verge or leaving their sweet wrappers for a dog to ingest or worse still – their dog poo bags thrown into a field for a horse to eat – and then die horribly of colic, the better.

I hope you agree…?


THANK YOU for helping in our inititaive.

Love Gayle and Echo xxx

If you want to know how much I have collected in the 4 miles of roads which I usually collect on – its over 200 kg (31 stone) from Easter 2018 to end of August!!!!


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