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When travelling with family and dog, I try to ensure that every two-legged and four-legged family member has everything that they need for a fun, happy, and safe trip.

After all, travelling in comfort can make a journey pleasurable and exciting. Interestingly enough, several families will be visiting here in Chichester, and they will be bringing their beloved dog(s). That is fantastic!

I am excited to share my best dog travel tips with them, and you.

Before going on the trip, there is a lot to do and think about…

A. PrepareMilo.1000px

A trip to the vet to make sure everything health and safety is in order.

  1. Microchipping: Microchipping a dog is a quick and relatively pain-free process where a vet implants a trackable chip the size of a grain of rice under your dog’s skin. Getting your dog microchipped before you leave for your trip gives you the peace of mind to know that she can be located should she ever become lost.
  2. Vaccinations: Visit your local vet to make sure that all of your dog’s shots are current. Vaccinations give each of us with the peace of mind that we need.
  3. Make sure you have packed any medication which your dog needs too!

B. On The Go

All dogs can travel in a crate for safety.

  1. Crates: Crating a dog is not something that folks like to do. At the same time, a crate can be very beneficial as it keeps a dog safe. Often dogs hate to be crated for the first time. As seasons rolled by, they begin to like the crate. Soon they prefer a crate, and it gives her a sense of comfort – its their own space. It also means that you can eat in peace if necessary and children don’t annoy the dog eg if the dog is part of an extended family visit with several families.
  2. Food & Water: Pets, like children, may need to take a break during travel. Be ready for a snack break by packing easily accessible food and water for your dog. This can include a bag of treats, or extra kibble, and an extra bottle of water. Don’t forget that you may need extra food and water bowls when on the go.

TIP: Consider packing and using collapsible silicone bowls. Be on the lookout for bowls with a carabiner clip, which will allow for the bowl to quickly and easily clip onto a bag if needed.

  1. Calming Reassurances: Some dog can get anxious, and you need to find ways to calm her. One way is to bring her favourite blanket with you on a trip. If she gets upset, you can comfort her with her blanket, or, give her a deep body massage. Both of these options work well for many guests. I know some people will give their dog an old Tshirt or jumper of theirs as this will also help to calm them, as they can smell “the pack”.
  2. Toys: Sitting in a car or crate for an extended period can be stressful or boring for certain dogs. So, don’t forget to give your dog a favourite plaything or squeaky toy with which to pass the time. NEview of garden.herit.1000
  3. It matters to many children to have snacks, video games, movies, magazines and other sources of entertainment while on the road. I would use this same mindset with your dog as well. She needs to be at ease when you are on the road.
  4. A great way to serve children and a dog is to stick to a familiar routine. Both like what they know, and that can make our journey, and yours, incredibly pleasant.

C. Arrival dunes and dogs

Some great hotels will provide dog beds, treats, and related pet services for a pleasant stay.

  1. Pet-Friendly Hotels: Pet travel-focused sites such as http://dogfriendlyuk.co.uk/ give travellers plenty of options of great places to stay in various locales, including Chichester!
  2. I recommend places to walk and dog parks to visit locally (as well as the local beaches of course!)
  3. We also recommend dog and child friendly places to visit (along with an OS map as not everywhere has wifi / phone reception). See this post more more ideas:
  • lets with pets
  • Here at Chichester Self Catering we offer
  • dog bowls and mats;
  • dog treats and
  • old towels to dry them down with after a wash off with a hose after a run on the beach or in a muddy wood!
  • large gardens
  • Dog stakes in case your dog is an escapologist! Some are…its just a fact and there are lots of birds about (and cats!) who don’t want to play!
  • Poop bags

If I can help in any other way, or you have questions about our pet-friendly options, please, just ask! I am here to help make your holiday a success for everyone.

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