I am delighted to say that I have a newly acquired rescue Standard Poodle (Echo) who is just the most friendly, Zen-dog you could ever want to meet! As a result of which I am out twice a day dog walking… so I thought I would help my dog-guests and their owners find some of the BEST places to have a walk – whether you have a dog or not – on the Manwood Peninsula and beyond.

The easiest walk is about 30-35 minutes long (so 1.5miles) all on quiet roads and is my “go-to option”, especially if I want a fairly clean dog on arrival back home! It is a “box” walk so you can’t get lost and you can go clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on your fancy! I like to decide which way I prefer to have the wind – on my back coming home or otherwise..

From Living Elements: turn right out of the drive. Cross over onto the footpath (school-side). Just after the right hand bend either – cross over and go down Cow Lane, or continue on Keynor Lane for a bit further and go down Chalk Lane.


The walk is a long rectangle.

For dogs who are nervous – the first two houses on Chalk Lane from Keynor Lane have noisy / aggressive dogs living there. I suggest keeping your dog on the lead for this section. It gives them more confidence.

ChalkLan - bewareofdog

There are various rabbits and cats about – so again be wary if your dog is a chaser.

Towards the bottom end of the walk (South) there are various ponies and sheep in fields too but aren’t accessible.

Please take your dog poo bags with you and then put in the black bin on your return. Thank you.

Enjoy your walk!

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