Autumn Activities local to Chichester

The farming year is turning – it’s Autumn

The mornings are getting much darker, the evenings too and the soil is cooling. Its the time of year for warming stews, evenings by the TV with crumpets and Marmite plus the big TV shows. Its a cosy time of … Read MoreRead More


A walk at South Harting in the South Downs

The village of South Harting and Harting Down seen from Beacon Hill Enjoy beautiful views, woodland, and wild flowers on this circular downland stroll with Hazel Sillver Harting Down This 550-acre section of the South Downs is a nature reserve … Read More


Best things to do around Chichester when its sunny, and why

The South coast and the area just to the East of the Isle of Wight has some of the highest daylight levels in the UK – thanks to a few factors. It makes it an extra-special place to visit though! … Read More


Chichester Harbour Water Tours

A tour of this beautiful Harbour by water is a fabulous gift to give to yourself and your family and friends. There are various ways to do this – you can go on the Solar Boat run by the Harbour Conservancy or … Read MoreRead More

Have you heard a Marsh Frog?! Pagham Harbour is the place to go…

Not sure what to do? Want to explore the local wildlife and don’t know where to start? Like frogs? Carry on reading and share! Fed up of the queue to West Wittering Beach?! (Yes, you and the rest of us!) … Read MoreRead More

close up of sea kale berries

Wetland Walks in Sussex

We are truly blessed in this little corner of West Sussex to boast some of the very best wetlands in the UK. So why not make the most of them and go for a walk? Pagham Harbour … Read More


Chichester Harbour Seals

A number of Common Seals (Phoca vitulina) also known as harbour seals live in the Solent and often visit Chichester Harbour. Each one has unique markings and even their colourings can be different ranging from tan to grey, black and … Read MoreRead More

Chi Canal in am

Chichester Ship Canal

The Chichester Ship Canal is an increasing delight and asset to the City with more visitors and locals making use of its many pleasures.   It is a prime spot for canoeists and rowers who can go up and down … Read More

Arundel Panorama

Arundel – a medieval city with castle.

ARUNDEL – a medieval town of historic importance. A beautiful town set just as the River Arun reaches The Brooks as they drain the South Downs towards the sea at Littlehampton. The town itself is set on a steep hill, … Read MoreRead More


Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is just down the road from Chichester Self Catering and is well worth a visit. Go down Cow Lane off Keynor Lane and its 2 corners away! This modern treatment facility for sick and injured wildlife … Read MoreRead More