Experiences are the trend for holidays this year

Everything moves in trends, and travel is no exception. Where people go, how they get there, what they do, and where they stay are all impacted by factors like technology, socio-political environments, and the evolution of the tourism industry. Well … Read MoreRead More


What is in your WELCOME PACK? Why does it give you real value?

Dear Guest, I know that some people think that the costs charged for a quality house can be expensive but what you may not see in the price are all the extras that are included in the price which you … Read MoreRead More


Valentine’s Day

Who wants to treat both themselves and their loved one? Don’t be shy – you know that you want to! This is what sharing love and experiences is all about afterall. Chichester Self Catering has a number of gorgeous options … Read MoreRead More

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Wet weather activities

Holidaying in the UK can’t always be filled with sunshine – so here are some ideas to tide you over when it rains or is generally inclement… … Read More


Are you an individual business traveller?

Are you an individual business traveller? Are you fed up with hotel rooms?? Want more of a home than a bland room? At all my properties we have separate living and sleeping rooms. Do you get tired of staying in … Read More