EV (Electric car) charging point is now here!

I have had a commitment to renewable and environment-saving energy and waste solutions for many years. It gives me great pleasure to say that there is now a high-power electric car charging point at the Sidlesham site for guests to … Read MoreRead More

Enjoy the West Sussex Sunsets.www

West Sussex Sunsets

Scintillating sunsets for the romantically inclined. Wonderful for a dog walk along the beach as the sun sets to the West. Why not come and enjoy them for yourself? West Wittering and West Beach in Selsey give some of the … Read More

Tug of War at the village fair

All the fun of the Village fair!

Each year in July Sidlesham village (along with many other villages) hold a village fair to raise funds – in this case for the Church. Village fairs are fabuous events! Everyone is welcome – whether or not you are church-minded. … Read More

No3 Road to Great Ham farm

A 2-hour dog walk locally from Chichester Self Catering

There are many great walks out from Living and Nature’s Elements without needing to get the car out – so ideal if you have a dog(s). In this walking series I thought I would help you route plan…so you can … Read MoreRead More

The nearest 30 minute dog walk for my guests

I am delighted to say that I have a newly acquired rescue Standard Poodle (Echo) who is just the most friendly, Zen-dog you could ever want to meet! As a result of which I am out twice a day dog … Read MoreRead More

Local nurseries

When you stay get all your bedding plants and veg from the local growers and save a fortune!

The Manhood Peninsula and the South Coastal strip generally has been well known for years for the highly productive clay soil and huge number of local horticultural growers that are located here. The small, family-run nurseries produce fantastic plants of … Read MoreRead More

picnic on pallets

Vintage Tea Parties – a hit with the Hens!

Vintage and retro tea parties are big hits at the moment. It brings back an age of politeness, elegance and camaraderie – genteel conversations over some delicious food and of course, tea, served from a teapot! … Read More


New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements

I am delighted to say that the new beach-themed garden is now finished at Living Elements. I have been thinking about creating it for about 10years – and finally got round to it this Summer! Hurray! … Read More

The Old Gardens Animal Sanctuary

The Old Gardens Animal Sanctuary, Highleigh, Sidlesham

The Old Gardens Animal Sanctuary is just around the corner from Living Elements and Nature’s Elements and is an amazing testament to one lady’s determination to care for animals. Irene and her partner Dave, against all the odds – (planning problems, … Read More

picnic on pallets

Picnic hampers and what to pack – checklist!

There is something wonderful about eating outdoors isn’t there? Do you remember when you did this as a child yourself?.. So many options – a picnic rug on the grass “at home” or a towel on the beach or chairs … Read MoreRead More