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Canapes for perfect parties – made easy

I often get asked by organisers who are managing special parties, particularly Hen Parties but also extended family groups, if I can help with some of the catering. The simple answer is yes! From there the conversation can be wide … Read MoreRead More


Special Hen Party Cocktails which are simple to make

Hen Parties are just so much more special of you have some beautifully decorated and delicious cocktails to imbibe. The best news is – they don’t need to be complicated to make or even that expensive, plus, as they can … Read MoreRead More

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Saucy Hens have a relaxing weekend with their “besties”

Some Hen Parties want a full on party time for the whole weekend, others want time to spend with their besties and close family. They want to relax, engage in good conversation and share time and experiences together. Heather’s Hens … Read MoreRead More


Prosecco Cocktails – perfect for a party!

PROSECCO COCKTAILS! 10 easy prosecco cocktails that everyone should master These refreshing prosecco cocktails are perfect for the summer months – and best of all, you can make them with store cupboard staples. … Read More