How to save money by NOT using booking agencies eg AirBnB

Do you know how to SAVE money on your holiday – by NOT booking using Online Booking Agencies (OTA’s)? For instance – AirBnB charge YOU – the customer, a whopping 12% over and above my modest fees. (They also charge … Read MoreRead More


Are you looking to make some memories and spend time relaxing? #BookDirect

Family holidays or short breaks help to keep everyone sane, relaxed and happy. It is why they are so important – and where you stay and the thoughtful extras that are included which make such a difference… Watch the video … Read MoreRead More


#BookDirect with the owner NOT through a big listing site

I want to help my guests understand about the advantages of “bypassing third-party channels to book directly with management companies and homeowners”. Not only are holiday rental owners facing the same issues regarding the often high commissions set by listing sites, but also … Read MoreRead More