Not everyone wants a busy, crazy drunken Hen Party! And you know – that is OK!

So if you want to have a really relaxing Hen Party – YOU CAN!

Here at Chichester Self Catering we are able to provide a truly relaxing and memorable hen party for your lovely group of ladies.

  • I have had groups who have puzzled much of the weekend.


Yes!! These lovely ladies wanted to relax on their Saturday afternoon – so they got out the large puzzle, and with a glass in hand, focussed and chatted for a few hours! (By the way – we can supply the puzzle and a save-the-puzzle case so you can re-use the table and not lose the puzzle and get back to it later.

  • Others have gone on an I-spy / treasure walk locally.
  • The Sunday carvery at the local pub is a popular option – and saves all the cooking.
  • Sit on the beach after a gorgeous, atmospheric walk on the beach, and maybe have a BBQ or enjoy watching the activities in three of the local harbours.
  • What about bringing a Murder Mystery game with you – and get appropriately dressed up? Have a look online for a game for the number of guests that you have.
  • How about a low key dinner out at a nice restaurant or pub, or create your own meal at home..? (If money is an issue this still can be special but saves on the pocket.)

Of course you could just soak in the hot tub and sweat off any alcohol in the sauna almost all weekend (just make sure you stay REALLY well hydrated to stave off any headaches!)

What is you choice?

Making YOUR holiday a success!

© Chichester Self Catering 2017.

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