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This can mean so many things for different people!… Most think of feather boas and nipple tassels, whilst some think of pole dancing and risque performances. Both these assumptions can be correct – minus the pole – but Dawn Gracie is a huge fan of the more lady-like yet sassy style which remains true to original artform from byegone starlets such as Gypsy Rose Lee. Dawn can tailor your party to any taste and any ability.

These group sessions are an amazing confidence-building idea for a more unusual Hen Party activity with the irrepressible Dawn Gracie!


Fun sessions that will help you towards ULTIMATE SELF CONFIDENCE finding inspiration from glamorous icons from the past such as Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page.

The most powerful thing you can do when engaging with anyone, from the love of your life to your boss is to hold your head up high and look them directly in the eyes. You are equal, confident and unapologetically you.

‘How can I do this?’ I hear you all cry?

It’s BURLESQUE of course!

Before you throw your arms in the air and start imagining stripping down to your undies and spinning objects from your nether regions, please note that in this context, Burlesque is about empowerment and fun – its more “Showgirl” than raunchy stage girl! There are many comfort levels in burlesque and of course you are in full control of how far you’d like to go and what other sessions you’d like to book.

Burlesque for beginners session is suitable for any age 18-80, you do NOT need to be a dancer (all left feet welcome here) and you will laugh more than you thought possible. You may wear whatever you like and it can all stay on!

During this beginners session, there is an introduction to the wondrous world of Burlesque and you will learn basic moves that all abilities can do with ease. You will learn how to tap into your inner showgirl and using a few practical tools, will build personal and body confidence with a little retro twist and cheeky sense of humour. The session will result in a full routine and lot’s of confident, happy starlets!

The focus is always on being able to walk tall with fire in your eyes.

*There is NO NUDITY in Showgirl’s classes and this is NOT about stripping, but instead about trying something different and calling it exercise! (Unless you want it to be!)

A 2 hour party costs £360 for any size group. Props and costumes included. Extra options available – Dawn is a professional singer with a vintage twist so let her kick off your party with a few classic tunes form the flirty 50’s or sassy 60’s 01243 513822

They are also doing Ruby Shoes Events – a whole evening cabaret and dinner experience for the South Coast but these are large organised dinners etc . http://rubyshoesevents.com/

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