Dogs are remarkable creatures.

Not only do they understand “dog”, but they are amazing at understanding us too – and let’s face it, even humans struggle with that!

So it is such a pleasure to watch new friends being made. Games being played and the simple enjoyment of dogs being in each others company.

Recently we had two dogs come to stay with a group of ladies for a weekend of rest and relaxation. They were such fun!

  • 2 year old Ron – an English bulldog – who was willing to join in but not very able. (Waddles are a limitation!)
  • 2 year old Angus – a golden retriever.

We found that whilst Angus has a ball fetish – and marvellous retrieving skills, Echo was happier just chasing him most of the time, barking and jumping around him. Sticks were a joint occupation, but didn’t last very long before being dying a short death.

Fun on the field today for the dogs.22.7.17

Ron plodded about trying to join in and looking a bit goofy.. but he had a surprise up his sleeve – sidle up to one of the dogs, whilst looking sideways. Try to snatch the stick or get on top of them to keep them still! (Needless to say it didn’t work but it was amusing to watch.)

Ready for it! Go on!!!

If you want your dogs to have a holiday with you – it is all possible! We are pet and child friendly, with large gardens, plenty of nearby walks and many others including the beach or harbours a short ride away if you want a quicker start.

Our doggy welcome pack includes:

  • An “on holiday” dog tag
  • water bowls
  • poo bags, of course!
  • towels for drying
  • treats and more!
“I just can’t keep up!” says Ron.

Jenny said:

To Gayle, Thanks for having us at short notice. We have had a lovely weekend away. The dogs had a blast and loved the beach.

from Jenny, Harriet, Sophie, Ronnie and Angus!

They had a meal at the local – The Anchor in Sidlesham – which is pet friendly and some great beach and harbour walks.

Good friends, good conversation. Good company = GOOD WEEKEND!

While the men were away on a Stag-do - the ladies and dogs will play!

So – come and join the fun and games… at Chichester Self Catering.

To book your holiday, along with the humans, call Gayle on 07769 746113

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