Autumn is here at Chichester Self Catering – and we are daily out and about exploring what we like the most! I thought I would share just some of the many wonderful delights you can experience when you come to stay, and make the most of the area at the same time!

The geese are back after their Summer in the Artic – mainly Norway and Sweden along with other migrants. Here they are flying over Pagham Harbour on the way to feed o the local fields.


The apples are ripe along with the blackberries and sloes.



The spiders and spiderlings are busy web making which show up so well in the dew.




Mornings are dewy with big skyscapes and bunnies on the fields.

Autumn fields.heron.950

The sunsets are spectacular.

We still have some big events locally too – The Goodwood Revival – for classic car and vintage enthusiasts. slindon-pumpkins-2015Pumpkin season will also be here – have you seen the Slindon Pumpkin House?

To book your stay call Gayle directly on 07769 746113.

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