No3 Road to Great Ham farm

There are many great walks out from Living and Nature’s Elements without needing to get the car out – so ideal if you have a dog(s). In this walking series I thought I would help you route plan…so you can make the most of the area.

This one takes in part of the Cow Lane / Chalk Lane Loop; takes you towards Pagham Harbour and then cross country to Oakhurst farm and the Sewage Works! It can easily be lengthened if you wish.

There are only short parts where your dogs need to be on a lead, assuming you are happy for them to run free. The rest of the time, with a good recall, they can be loose. The walk is under-used so you can relax and enjoy the country and scenery.

The route:

  1. Turn right out of the drive. Cross over onto the footpath (school-side). Just after the right hand bend either – cross over and go down Cow Lane. Continue round the bottom of Chalk Lane until you get to the South-Eastern corner. CowLane.chalkLane1
  2. Here you will find a footpath signpost between a smallholding and a hedge.
  3. 5. ChalkLanecutthroughpath midsummer.1000px
  4. Follow it by the ditch and it comes out by Bird Pond Nursery.
  5. Take a right and continue alongside the B2179 to Selsey (dogs on lead!). Go past Bakers Farm lane and Trojan sheds turning.
  6. Opposite you will be Enborne Industrial Estate and nearly opposite the entrance to the Pagham Harbour RSPB Reserve is a gated driveway. Signposted as a footpath. Go through the side gate and make sure it is closed on leaving. To the left is the Causeway pond. No1 Gated Road by Causeway
  7. Continue on the concrete road for just over half a mile.
  8. On your right is another footpath sign and a stile gate onto a path.
  9. As you exit the path between hedges you now have a choice for 2 pathways: either go clockwise or anti-clockwise on a loop. You will be returning by the same route.
  10. As I went anti-clockwise I shall describe it in this direction. Follow along the side of the field. To your right is the Bakers Farm solar array. No2 views from footpaths
  11. At the far end of the field close to Oakhurst Farm, which is behind tall hedges, gradually bear left following the field. If the path is very overgrown with grass, keep an eye out for a stile and gate which leads out onto a farm road. No3 Road to Great Ham farm
  12. By the gate is a sign for Great Ham Farm, continue South on the road. {If you wish to see some gorgeous thatched barns (now converted to a house) go North a few yards.}
  13. A short way along the road you will come across another footpath sign by a gate. To you left you can see the water works.No4 Porthole Farm Waterworks
  14. Take the footpath and it will lead you shortly to Porthole Farm buildings. Now rather derelict. Some of the ground here can be a little marshy if it is wet, so follow the higher footpath / rabbit paths. No5 Map of area
  15. The path continues in front of the Water Works alongside a field. Just follow and then you are back in the field that you started from – with the solar farm in front of you, over the hedge.
  16. Once you are back on the Selsey road, if you are feeling thirsty – take a detour to the RSPB Pagham Harbour Reserve offices (cross over the road and turn right) for a sit down and welcome cup of tea! Take some money with you!No6 Bird Pond Nursery
  17. Return via the same route past the Bird Pond Nursery using the adjacent footpath and onto Chalk Lane. You can walk home either up Chalk Lane (right) or left along Cow Lane.


Most of the ground is fairly level but you will be crossing some fields (on footpaths) and the vegetation can be high. It can also get wet – boots may be advised.

There is a possibility of ticks in the grass. Check you dog!

NB: Please take your dog poo bags with you and then put the contents in the black bin on your return. Thank you.

Enjoy your walk! Let me know what you think! Thank you.

Gayle and Echo.

© Chichester Self Catering 2017.


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